End of the window

The so-called transfer window in football is an opportunity to reveal disputes between players and clubs. Typically, they regard the same issues – clubs, which usually overestimate their ability to pay, are in arrears with the payment of salaries. On the other hand, the players do not agree on a consensual termination of the contracts in order to not to be deprived of the right to claim salaries. Law Office conducts many disputes relating to settlement between players and clubs. In our opinion, most of the clubs in Poland do not perform on time it’s obligations towards players. In most cases, players do not want to enter the dispute, they rather humbly wait for the payment as they do not want to expose themselves to the opinion-makers. This approach is in some ways understandable, but in the end it leads to such effect, that the whole football business in Poland has a slightly substandard level.




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