Enofcement of compensations awarded by FIFA

The issue arose in one of the cases handled by our Law Firm. In the case, footballer, represented by the Firm received extremely favorable decision of the Dispute Resolution Chamber, FIFA’s jurisdictional body (hereinafter referred to as "DRC"), which awarded him substantial compensation for termination of the contract without just cause. The club, however, is now reluctant to pay the compensation. Question arose whether, a player  on the basis of decision of the DRC may initiate enforcement proceeding against the club? 

In the opinion of the Firm it is not possible. Please note that FIFA, as well as national football associations are private entities (mostly associations), and any decisions taken by the bodies established by such entities could have only internal consequences. An effective way to enforce compensation claims, will be though internal tools provided in the statutes and resolutions of such entities (i.e. art. 64 of FIFA Disciplinary Code, 2011 edition), rather than the state coercion.

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