Law Office

Law Office

In July 2002 Karolina Kocemba, acting as attorney-at-law, and Michał Tomczak, acting as attorney-at-law as well, set up a partnership under a business name Tomczak & Partners Law Office.

In the ensuing years the Law Office experienced a significant expansion of the activity scope, with a special emphasis placed upon the realm of transactions, real estate and stock exchange.

Currently the Law Office provides services for above 100 economic entities of various size and representing various branches. While enhancing and advancing the framework of present activities, with the inclusion of traditional corporate practice, the Law Office and its lawyers developed a series of even narrower, detailed legal specifications, based on their vast experience.

Precise information concerning the cases managed by the Law Office is to be found in the Practice section.

Due to an increasing number of attorneys-at-law and legal counsellors within the Firm’s staff and owing to their independent professional positions, in May 2013 the significant decisions regarding the management structure were made. Taking into account the current experience of our lawyers, the modifications revolved around the selection of specific specialization areas.

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