Office’s partners at the conference in Berlin.

The partners of the Tomczak&partners – Karolina Kocemba and Michał Tomczak on 12 and 13 September 2014 in Berlin took part in 10th international lawyer’s conference regarding legal aspects of m&a transactions. The conference was organized in beautiful hotel Esplancde by the well-known German law firm RWP.
During the conference was presented 12 presentation. At least half of them was on the problem of the legal aspects of investing in each European country. Much more interesting were the presentations regarding standard problems in m&a transactions. All of them all over the world are based on the anglo-saxon SPA template. The judicial decisions of the highest courts in such cases does not exists actually. Therefore all the lawyers in whole Europe have the same problems as regards m&a transactions. The presentations regarding these problems were the most interesting.




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