The consumers will bankrupt in a new way

August 29th current year the parliament unanimously adopted the amendment of the provisions about consumer bankruptcy. The amendment was signed by president 19th September.
The premises of declare consumer bankruptcy will be liberalized. The court will be able to dismiss the petition to declare bankruptcy only if the insolvency of the consumer was caused by its intentional action or gross negligence. Thus, the amendment derogated from the extremely restrictive premise pursuant to which  bankruptcy is possible only if the insolvency was caused by extraordinary circumstances not attributable to the debtor  (the cataclysm, the disease, the death of one of the spouses).

Equally, to indicate the importance of the amendment, should be stressed that pursuant to the information supplied by Ministry of Finance, under the rules that are currently in force, there were declared only 87 consumer bankruptcy out of  2.300 petitions to declare bankruptcy which were submitted to the court. So, the amendment is legitimate. 

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