Red Bull for 13 million

For such an amount in US dollars Austrian energy drink producer Red Bull agreed in the agreement concluded with consumers in litigation initiated in the USA by one of its clients in 2013. Concern was accused of unreliable advertising because, as stated claimant, despite drinking the beverage over the last 10 years, he has not noticed any improvement of concentration and reaction speed, which was provided in the ad.

Red bull assure that the information passed on to consumers in advertising and labeling were true and accurate, but decided to settle to avoid court costs and protracted litigation. If the court accepts the proposed amount of compensation, the company will transfer money to the special fund from which all misled consumers (ie. those that in the past 10 years, purchased at least one drink, and then submitted the relevant claim against Red Bull) will be eligible for the $ 10 or 2 free products with a value of $ 15. Importantly, the agreement in question applies only to consumers in the United States, and the settlement, with particular attention to the amount of compensation, has to be considered as typical for the realities of the United States.




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