On a trial basis

For several weeks we inform on our website about a draft amendment to the Labour Code prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Amendment proposed by the Ministry are to apply, among others, to agreements concluded for a trial period.

A draft amendment literally defines such agreements as employment agreements (in addition to agreements for definite and indefinite period), while currently they only precede the conclusion of employment agreements. The draft also states that the aim of the employment agreement concluded for a trial period is to check the qualifications of the employee and his abilities to perform particular work. At last, according to the proposal of the Ministry, the renewal of the employment agreement concluded for a trial period will be possible only in case the employee is hired to perform another kind of work.

The Act provides a long, six-month period of vacatiolegis, however, it results from the press that the Ministry expects the amendment to enter into force in 2015.

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