Uber blocked in Spain

Further controversies regarding the rideshare and taxi service Uber. After the decision of the court in Madrid, the commercial activity of Uber has been blocked on whole territory of Spain. The court recognized a complaint lodged by the Madrid association taxi drivers who feel threatened by fast development of Uber. The Court in Madrid decided on Tuesday, that the company uses unfair competition and part of drivers working for Uber lack the necessary permits or licenses required for the transport of people. This prohibition also includes telecommunications companies and those related to electronic payments, that could work with Uber. It is worth mentioning that the Uber works on a large scale - currently operates in 45 countries, including Poland as the service was introduced in Poland on August 19th, 2014. Currently, this company based in California is involved in numerous court proceedings in other European countries and, for example, the Berlin city government completely banned the use of the service Uber.


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