Claim entitled to seller due to the defect indentified in the sold goods

The amendment of the Civil Code increases the rights of the consumer and creating new regulations for the seller to the previous sellers. New provisions, shall enter into force on 25th December 2014, provide for the introduction of a new section entitled "Claim entitled to seller due to the defect indentified in the sold goods." The amendment grant to seller who bore costs as a result of exercising the rights under the warranty for physical defects, opportunity to claim compensation, which  he suffered due the fact repair or replacement of things.  This rights grant to seller against to previous seller, who is guilty of defectiveness of goods.  Also the responsibility bears the previous seller, if he knew about the defect of things and did not inform the buyer and not only when he caused these defect.  According to the Act limitation period for claims seller is only six months. The period begins on the date of incurred costs by the seller due the exercising the rights by the consumer. In the other words – existence of such a prerequisite is undisputed so it’s the reason  why we have such a short period of limitation. Such liability can not be excluded or limited.

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