The new rules of corporate governance

Stock Exchange, announced that the move to public consultation concerning draft amendments to the "Best Practices of Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange". Within the framework of the project are issues relevant to corporate governance in the European Union. According to the announcement, posted on the website of the Stock Exchange, the consultation will run until the end of February 2015.

The most significant changes concern mainly to formulate new rules on the duties  and responsibilities of the management boards of the companies and increase the emphasize on the role of the Board of Directors as the supervisory body. The amendments introduce completely new chapters on the organization and functioning of the internal control systems of the company and conflicts of interest and transactions with related parties. The amendments introduce also a new chapter about fee. Amended "Good Practices for Companies" to point out special attention to issues of diversity of the management boards of the companies and board of directors of listed companies.

For those interested in reading the whole draft amendments to the "Best Practices of Listed Companies", it has been made available on the website

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