Amendment of the National Court Register act

From 1 December 2014, valid amendment to the Act on the National Court Register. In addition to the significant changes to regarding assign a tax ID and identification number REGON for company which is entered in the register, article 40 point 1 of the Act on KRS received a new wording.

According to the amendment in the National Court may be disclose no more than ten items apply to the scope of a company activity, including one item apply to main area to activity at the level of sub-classes. All entities shall be obligation to report the change as regards of the scope of a company activity  with the first application for a change of data,  filed after 1 December 2014. Changes shall be made with the using KRZ ZM form attached to the application for a change of data. In the KRZ ZM form one should indicate the one main area to activity and not more than ten item about scope of a company activity.

Such notification doesn’t require any changes to the articles of association.

According to the Act, all entities have to make these changes in five years, unless earlier they file a application to change the data in the registry.

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