Sick leaves over-exposed by Department of Social Security (ZUS) - summary of the 2014

As a result of carrying out more than 609 thousand checks on persons holding a certificate of temporary unfitness for work, in 2014 ZUS stepped back or has reduced sickness benefits for a total of 177 million PLN.

And so, sickness benefits were halted in 37,5 thousand cases (for a total amount of 18,6 million PLN), lower sickness benefits and rehabilitation benefits as a result of the termination of insurance hit until 211 thousand people (totalling 152 million PLN), in addition, reduction also hit those who delayed in transferring his employer sick leave (for a total amount of 6,5 million PLN).

The result, despite the shockingly high amounts, is better than in 2013, where sickness benefits hadwithdrawn or reduced for a total amount of 212 million PLN.

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