Group lawsuit OPE-acceptable

On 4th March 2015, the Regional Court in Warsaw decided, that the class action lawsuit against the State Treasury, Social Insurance Institution and pension companies due to the amendment of the open pension fund law in 2013 is admissible.

Besides the prohibition of advertising of pensions founds,  purchase of “government”  bonds and introduction of the mechanism of “slider” (the gradual transfer of founds gathered on an accounts of insured to the SIF from the age about 10 years lower than the pension age), mentioned amendment caused a one-off transfer of 51% of funds’ assets (more than 153 billion zlotych) to the SIF. In the class action lawsuit the insured demand a compensation for the transfer of founds and consider this transfer as a expropriation.

Let us recall, that the controversial amendment has also been complained to the Constitutional Tribunal by the President and the Ombudsman. However, the Constitutional Tribunal hasn’t settle the matter yet.

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