Another amendment to competition and consumers protection act

Office of competition and consumer protection (hereinafter as CCPO) presented another amendment to competition and consumers protection act, which is currently examined by the Council of Ministers.

This time the amendment regards above all regulations concerning the proceedings as regards practices violating collective consumer interests. Proceedings regarding application of the illegal stipulations in standard forms was excluded from the proceedings regarding practices violating collective consumer interests. The whole system of control of stipulations of standard forms has been changed.

According to the amendment the stipulations shall be examined by the President of the CCPO, who would be deciding by the way of decision if the stipulation is illegal, and if it its further application should be forbidden. Therefore, the illegal standard forms register would be replaced by register of President of CCPO’s decisions, the control of the President’s decision would be inspected by the court. What is more, according to the amendment one of the practices violating collective consumer interests shall be offering to consumers financial services which cannot meet their expectations and needs and offering the financial services in manner which is inadequate to their character.

 As a result the President of the CCPO is going to be obligated to protect consumers by wider range of actions than currently. The President of the CCPO will receive new valuable tools in order to protect consumers and counteract unlawful practices against consumers faster – he will be able to issue a temporary decision by which the practice will be prohibited, and will gain a possibility of free of charge publication of the warnings against such practices in media

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