Proposed amendment of the rights in relation to parenthood

The President’s propositions of amendment which increases employees’ rights in relation to parenthood is now under scrutiny of  the Parliament’s commission.

The President’s propositions involves a few fundamental changes, for example:

  • giving the male employee raising his child the right of maternity leave if the child’s mother who is not covered by social security died, abandoned her child or is not able to exist independently,
  • giving, in some situations, the right of maternity leave to other members of child’s family,
  • replacing an additional maternity leave and a parental leave with one parental leave which length is a sum of currently existing leaves,
  • possibility to use 16 weeks of parental leave later, until the child’s 6th birthday,
  • proportionally lengthening of a parental leave, if the custodian combines it with the part-time employment.
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