Amendment to the Polish Sport Act

ThePresident ofthe Republic ofPoland signed amendment to the Sport Act on 12th of August 2015.

The amendment creates obligation of being  recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  This change formally confirmed a strong position of IOC in a self-governing and pyramidal structure of sport organizations. Wherefore the amendment creates a complex situation for a sportsman who is trying to get a grand.

The main object of the amendment was attempt to achieve a transparency in a polish sport association through mandated a more restrictive criterions for a board member. Additionally, despite obligatory annual financial audit,  the polish sport association is also obligated to publish their reports in public information bulletin.

The amendment added a new chapter called “Disciplinary responsibility and settlementof sports disputes”. In this way legislator established Tribunal of Arbitration for Sport to settle disputes related to sport. . It is crucial that this arbitration court was set up in the Sport Act, because it confirmed his position.  

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