Changes in releases to take care of child

On 2nd January 2016 the important amendment to the Labour Code covering the rights in relation to parenthood comes into force. It changes, among the others, also article 188, covering the right of employee rising a child up to the age of 14 to be released from work while retaining the right to the remuneration.

Currently, the employee is entitled to be released from work for 2 days in a calendar year, therefore, independently of their real need, they may take only whole free day. Since January the employee will be entitled to 16 hours or 2 days of a release, so they can choose whether they take a whole free day or if they take a release in an hourly amount. This means that the employee will be able to take their release in an amount adjusted to their existing needs.

The part-time employees will be entitled to the release in an hourly amount proportionally to their length of working time or 2 whole days of release.

In each calendar year the employee will not be able to change the type of release, so if at first they will take a whole day of release, later they will not be able to take only few hours.

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