Central Register of Restructuring and Bankruptcy

One of the new institution, which will be provided to polish legal system by new Restructuring Act adopted by the Polish Parliament on 25th May 2015, will be Central Register of Restructuring and Bankruptcy. The purpose of this register is to simplify and accelerate restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

In register, apart from providing templates of pleadings and documents which will be used in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, will also be posted all the provisions, regulations, documents and information related to these proceedings. Moreover, in register participants of proceedings will be able to submit all pleading or documents and deliver them.

The planned start date of the Registry is 1st February 2018. Till this date, all notices, which will be posted in Register, will be published in the Court and Economic Monitor. What is more, provisions, regulations and documents will be displayed at the court office until the date of Registry creation.

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