The secret of correspondence more important than the decisions of the Board

Company Y is a law firm. Due to the nature of the activity each day they receive many letters addressed to usually specific employees. In accordance with the guidelines of the Board of directors after receiving mail the administration employees should immediately provide letters to recipients-without opening, unless the person is absent. As the delay in response to a valid letter could have very negative effects, the Board instructed Administrations employees that in the absence of the recipient letter should be opened and after reading  passed to the person who, in a particular case, replaces the absent.

Komentarz Katarzyny Kamińskiej dla „Dziennika Gazeta Prawna” z dnia 17 marca 2016 roku (dodatek: Kadry i Płace)

Comment by Katarzyna Kamińska for "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" of 17 March 2016 (extra: Kadry i Płace) /in Polish only/

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