The attack on the Internet account - new solution

Someone with the problem of lost money as a result of the cyber attack on Internet bank account, may find solution in the most recent  polish case-law. The District Court in Lodz, in the final judgments of 15 January 2016 (I C-307/15) and February 2, 2016 (I C 1908/14) ordered the Bank to return to the plaintiffs (respectively) almost 100 thousand(currency) and 90 thousand with interest.

These judgments are among the many, that suggest such a solution in similar cases. The justification for such a solution is found in art. 43 ust. 1 of the Act on payment services and art 50 ust. 2 of the Banking Act, where is said about the fact that the bank is a professional institution, therefore, it is required to apply the security Bank system.

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