Changes in procedure of share acquisition by employees of commercialised enterprises

On 23 April 2016 the amendment to the regulation of the minister competent for the State Treasury dated on 29 January 2003 on detailed principles for dividing entitled employees into groups and for determination of the number of shares available to each of these groups as well as the procedure for the acquisition of shares by employees entitled thereto (Dz.U. Nr 35, poz. 303) came into force. It changes the mode of issuing summons to employees to make a declaration of intent to gratuitously acquire shares or an announcement about the date of the list of entitled employees’ display.

Till now a company have been making abovementioned announcements in following ways: (1) in the newspaper published in the whole state, (2) in the local newspaper, (3) by the display in the office of the company, (4) by the display in all  branches and establishments, (5) additionally in other customary way.

From 23 April 2016 a company is not making announcements in newspaper but in: (1) Public Information Bulletin, (2) on the home page of company’s website. Other modes of announcement has not been changed.

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