Compensations for books’ borrowing

According to the information announced by the Ministry of  Culture and National Heritage, authors of the books in Polish language and translations into Polish and their heirs are entitled to register in order to receive the compensation for library borrowing their books in 2015. This legal solution concern only public libraries.

The right for the authors  to request the compensation  was introduced  by the amendment of the Copyright Law from 2015. The compensations should be considered as gratification of the fact, that readers are able to borrow the book in the public library, instead of buying these books. The compensation doesn’t  include borrowing form university and school libraries.

The Copyright Organization, which was pointed out by the Ministry of  Culture and National Heritage is entitled to divide and withdraw the money for authors. The organization has already launched a special web platform, which facilitates potential eligible authors with  preparing statements, which are  required for the payment of the  compensations.

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