Informatization of civil procedure

On 8th of September 2016 the amendment of Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) comes into force. One of the groundbreaking modification is the ability to lodge pleadings through the ICT system (Information and Communication Technology) on the basis of the article 125 § 21 of the CCP. If lodging a pleading through the ICT system is mandatory or a party indicated such a form, a pleading which has been lodged in any other way will not produce legal effects which the Act binds with lodging a pleading to the court.   

The declaration of the choice of lodging pleadings in electronic form is only effective regarding to person who brought it. Hence, there may be a situation when one party may lodge pleadings using postal operator and the another party using the ICT system.

If a pleading was lodged in electronic form, service shall also be made in the same way. However, the recipient has the right to renounce the ICT system.

For the purpose of the informatization of the civil procedure, the Electronic Registry Office will be established. The amendment above will surely contribute to improve the system of service in the civil proceedings.

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