The long-awaited change

On 9 thSeptember 2016. will come into force the Law on the principles of remuneration persons managing certain companies.

The subject of its regulation is a way of shaping remuneration of members of management and supervisory bodies of companies of the Treasury, territorial self-government units and their associations, as well as state and municipal legal persons (referred to as "entities entitled to exercise shareholders' rights"). Until the entry into force of this Act, the matter of remuneration is regulated by the Act on remuneration of persons managing certain legal entities. It should be noted that the scope of the companies covered by the newly adopted law is much broader, as it also applies to those in which the share of entities entitled to exercise shareholders' rights is a minority.

The legislator decided on a major change of approach to the remuneration of officials of companies, by departure from the model of bind the company by determined remuneration limit to impose on the entity entitled to exercise shareholders' rights in the companies obligation to take action to shape and use of the company principles of remuneration of the officers of the company, adequate to the opportunities arising from the internal relations in a given company.

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