The funds free from seizure cash

The amendment Act of July 10, 2016 which introduced a number of changes in the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure made also a number of modifications of the provisions relating to cash means held on saving accounts, savings and settlement accounts or saving term deposit accounts.  So far, the indicated accounts were free from seizure up to the amount of triple the average monthly remuneration, which is approximately about 12.800,00 PLN.

The new shape of an Banking Law article 54 paragraph 1, introduces a reduction of cash means held on the bank account of a one person savings up to 75% of the minimum wage which for the year 2016 will amount to 1.850,00 PLN (75% of this amount is 1.387,50 PLN). Moreover, the amount of free from seizure is no longer a one-off – it is valid for each month separately.

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