Is the term "best" in advertising an act of unfair competition?

District Court in Czestochowa in case no. V GCo 10/17 held that the term "best" contained in advertising does not have to be an act of unfair competition. The submission of facts was that the company in the dishwasher capsule and tablets industry had been placed introduced to the advertisment that the product was the best product for scorching, based on the survey.

In the opinion of the District Court there are no grounds for accepting that the conduct of the obliged violates Art. 16 sec. 1 point 2 u.z.n.k. According to the Court, the model consumer will not assume if the company claims that the product is the best available product for scab cash. The existence of objections in the form of efficacy in the removal of burns in the conducted studies will allow him to freely evaluate whether to buy this kind of product.

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