Reporting readiness to take up a work by an employee

The Supreme Court in the judgement dated 12nd October 2017 under signature of II PK 257/16 pointed out, that difficulty in accessing the workplace does not prevent the firm notification of readiness to immediately take up work by mail, telephone or e-mail (for evidence purposes - with confirmation of receipt).

In the opinion of the Supreme Court, the characteristic features of the employee's readiness to perform work are: intent to work, actual ability to work, externalization of readiness to work and being at the disposal of the employer. Employee should be able to stay at the disposal of the employer to be willing to work. It means that at the employer's request, work should be undertaken immediately in the agreed place, time and size. The form of externalization of the willingness to work should be made in such a way that it reaches the employer despite problems related to a possible difficulty in access to the workplace.

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