While comparing the vast majority of law offices spread all over the world, one may conclude as follows. Firstly, a significant part of law firms deals with all fields of commercial legal advisory. Secondly, which may seem even more interesting, the lion’s share of law offices faces up the identical issues. Therefore the conclusion seems inescapable that there are no real differences. 

And thirdly, all law offices are the best at what they do.

As a result, the information concerning the professional practice of the Law office should be divided into two sections.

The first one may be classified as Branches, whereas the second one – Products.


The fluctuations noticeable on legal market unambiguously indicated the specialization as an irrefutable condition for legal firms development. Consequently, law offices of small and medium size experienced a kind of difficulty, as they dealt with a wide spectrum of cases. Such firms have the opportunity to reach a level of mastery in a given area within a longer period of time, as only the real practice makes perfect.
This is the origin of practical fields cultivated by Tomczak & Partners Law Office. The enumerated branches have become our domain as a result of a multi-year experience, and as a consequence of the law theory and amendments thereto.


The lawyers may unanimously state that legal advisory requires a totally individual approach to the entrusted matters. On a general basis the above statement remains true. However, due to the permanent development and legal standardization – it becomes significantly limited. In the business world, the companies frequently have to follow the same patterns and face up identical, repetitive problems requiring standardized solutions. The more complex the regulation and harmonization, the more solutions we need. 

Such instructions provided for business purposes are otherwise known as legal products. The products concerned aim to solve common, relevant, specific and –at the same time – standard problems arising within the business activities undertaken by a variety of companies.


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