Free competition is the highest value of capitalism – provided that it is free. Many years ago free competition was assumed to be based on the principle that each entrepreneur does what he wants. Today, on the contrary, it turned out that free competition means the rigid adherence to certain rules. The aim is, above all, to protect the consumer. That is the way in which the competition law has become one of the pivotal domains under commercial law.

The entrepreneur should protect his competitors by limiting himself and being limited by others. The scope of our interests encompasses price fixing and the control of concentrations between undertakings. This branch opens, however, a lot of space for prohibited clauses in lotteries, promotions and competitions. Separate fields are established by advertising law and the protection of company-classified information.

Specialists in competition law are attorney-at-law Michał Tomczak ( and attorney-at-law trainee Marta Derewicz (

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